What’s Happening @ GUS from 7 -27 October!

Group Exhibition of Young and Old Printmaking Artists

7 October at Gallery University Stellenbosch

Vulindlela Nyoni

Artists of all ages come together for a group exhibition celebrating local printmaking. Titled Press Release the exhibition will be on show at Gallery University Stellenbosch (GUS) until 27 October.The opening event will be held on Saturday 7 October 11am-1pm.

Learners from Black INK. collective.

As an educative tool, printmaking has historically and in its present form produced many thought-provoking narratives in a South African cultural and visual landscape. Ideas of exchange and collaboration are brought to the fore as well as questioned in this form. Press Release exhibition is an intergenerational homage to printmaking in the local context, ranging from established artists such as Roderick Sauls and Vulindlela Nyoni, to 11-year old first-time printmakers from Nyanga Arts Centre. The body of work presented in this exhibition intends to create an environment where printmakers, educators, artists, students and learners alike are given the opportunity to express themselves through various printmaking disciplines.

The show includes more than 20 Participating artists: Roderick Sauls, Vulindlela Nyoni, Emily Fitzgerald, Bonolo Kavula, Jessica Lee Staple, Terri Dennis, Joshua Mclean,  Stephané Edith Conradie, Ledelle Moe, Velile Soha, Jaco van Schalkwyk, Learners from Black INK. Collective, Learners from Nyanga Arts Printmaking workshop.

The exhibition is a collaborative initiative of three local educational arts institutions:

Black Ink. is a collective of printmakers, artists and educators based in and around the Stellenbosch area who are committed to effecting change within local communities. The collective aims to provide a platform for creative engagement and expression, with a particular focus on printmaking. The artworks in the exhibition are the outcome of workshops in which participants explored screen printing, stenciling and papermaking techniques.

The Nyanga Arts Printmaking workshop (nicknamed “Young Blood” by the participants) is a young collective driven by Velile Soha and Ledelle Moe. They have coordinated two pilot workshops with a group of young learners from Nyanga. The organisers hope to introduce sculpture workshops, theatre artists, and more printmaking in the near future.

GUS is a public multi-disciplinary community centre, creating a space for sharing of knowledge, ideas and inspiration in Stellenbosch. The gallery is a home for exhibitions, poetry events, live music performances, open lectures and screenings; operating as an off-campus extension of Stellenbosch University Visual Arts Department.

PRESS RELEASE exhibition Opening: Saturday, 7 October, from 10:30am.
The exhibition is on show daily (except Sundays) until 27 October

GUS Gallery University Stellenbosch is based on the corner of Dorp and Bird streets, Stellenbosch.

For more info: contact Valeria gus@sun.ac.za 071-5501427

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