Three People that will make a difference by VICTOR COUNTED

I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you ~ John 15:15


Azuka was tired of living from pay check to pay check and trapped in his own miserable life. He grew tired of the friends he had and the company he kept because none of them were better than he was. They all looked up to Azuka in one way or the other. Although Azuka knew he was a nobody in the outer society and couldn’t boast of any meaningful possessions of his own, he kept it all to himself and celebrated his ephemeral moment of glory.

As days went by, he began to search for ways to enhance himself and decided to seek new friends. He targeted big events, conventions, and conferences to connect with people who had made something of themselves. He completely shuffled the pack of people in his network and decided to make a new list of friends. The list was simply divided into two columns: One for those who would improve his life and the other for those who dragged him down. He spent as much time as possible with people who could improve his life, and kept away from some of his old friends as much as possible, especially those whose names were on his blacklist. It was not even two years before Azuka’s life became a success story.

In case you don’t know yet, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, says Jim Rohn.

You need to modify your network to move forward at the length and breadth of life. You need to surround yourself with people who will inspire you to live better. What makes the most successful amongst us today is nothing other than the company they keep. If you make friends with healthy people, you will, in turn, become healthy. Keep company with wise people, you shall become wise thyself. Associate with folks that will bring you down and you will end up been dragged down a few notches.

Brenton Weyi wrote in his article, Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind about three powerful insights into the kind of people we should have around us if we wish to excel in the breadth of life. If you want to be truly successful and be on board your journey to self-discovery, you must have these three essential people in your life at all times:

A person who is older and more successful than you to learn from

What this person does is simple. Such persons serve as mentors. They give counsel and position you for success.

They must be someone you look up to. No matter where you want to be, someone else has the experience you need to get you there. Perhaps such a person has been there for a while and knows all about the game.

To avoid wasting your resources and time, learn how to tie the rope from the masters. This can also be someone with the experience; he or she might not necessarily be older. It has to be someone at the hotspot of life’s opportunities. It saves time and eradicates unwarranted mistakes. You clearly deceive yourself if you claim there is nobody to look up to in your chosen hustle. Arguably, success is the function of humility. The ability to humble ourselves and learn from those ahead of us is what gets us ready for the business of success. We must learn from people who have what we do not have in order to grow.

A person who is equal to you to exchange ideas with

Look out for folks that challenge your intelligence and make you feel as though you still have a lot to learn. Of course, everyone does. Go for a peer whose passion is as sane as yours––a person who will provide an exchange of inspiration and ideas at the breadth of life. You may never figure it all out alone. At some point, you may need some helping hands too.

We must learn from people who have what we do not have to grow to sharpen that vision of yours. Don’t engage with just anybody. Find those that share the same goals as you, people who seem to be going in the same direction as you.

However, be careful not to engage people who think they know you too well and want to tell you everything you cannot do. Look out for people with great life stories, those whose storylines you can tap for great wisdom and inspiration. Find a source of inspiration, someone who is very passionate about your field of interest; connect and boast each other’s enthusiasm and succeed together.

 A person below you to coach and keep you energized

Most successful businesspeople miss-out on this aspect of breadth. The success of leadership is in the ability to pass on the baton. It is that ability to incubate in another, the spirit that is in you. Being an inspirational leader does not necessarily mean loving your followers (every leader does that) and neither is it about devoting your entirety to them. It is far beyond that. It is about putting forward the welfare and growth of others above self-influence. Seek amongst your followers new kings of the game. Look out for them. Embrace them. Humble them with your true life’s story so that they know you are also human and not some kind of super being. In that way, they are motivated to climb up the ladder of success with you. Make them believe they can be. The success of leadership is in the ability to incubate in another, the spirit in you greater than you’ve been and can be much bigger in all regards. Give them a chance to exhibit their naivety in accordance to your rules. Correct them in love as the Bible teaches us. Learn from them as well. Lead them and empower them to succeed. Teach them true success from the inside out!

Overall, the quality of every great and successful leader is in the humility to challenge and inspire themselves with people that will refine their talents. Success is the function of the network of driven peers who both provide both inspiration and healthy motivation for our journey.

Indeed, your life reflects the shadow of people in your circle. Perhaps the first good step from here would be to draft and make a break list of people you need in your life and those you don’t need. Always challenge yourself with exceptional people that will always inspire you to exercise your length. Surround yourself with down-to-earth folks who will inspire your work-in-progress and continue to turn on your audacity. Find young people to train and bring them up in thy ways. Never join an easy crowd of losers that will drag you down by degrees. Go where things happen, where stakes and demands to achieve are too high to fail.

Make a difference!


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