Applications for SciMathUS 2018


Applications for SciMathUS opening soon
Hard copy applications open: 15 November 2017

Online applications open: 30 November 2017

More information

This programme offers learners, who have already passed Grade 12 (with an average of at least 60%) but who do not qualify for higher education, a second opportunity to improve their NSC results in specific subjects to enable them to re-apply for university programmes.

SciMathUS is the acronym for the words Science (and) Mathematics (at) Stellenbosch University. As the name suggests, its focus is on Mathematics and (Physical) Sciences and therefore also prepares students to enter science-related fields of study.

This programme is offered in line with Stellenbosch University’s commitment to diversify its student corps. Preference is given to students from educationally disadvantaged circumstances such as poverty, poor health or other factors that prevent them from demonstrating their academic potential to access higher education.

Qualifying criteria

To be considered for this programme in 2018, prospective students should:

have matriculated in 2016 or 2017. Only students who matriculated within two years of attending the programme will be considered;
have at least four subjects from the group of subjects designated for university admission*
have a Grade 12 average of at least 60% (excluding Life Orientation); and
have obtained a minimum of 50% in Afrikaans or English (Home Language or First Additional Language).
For the Science track, students should have obtained a minimum of 45% in Mathematics and 45% in Physical Sciences.
For the Accountancy track, students should have obtained a minimum of 45% in Mathematics.

Hard copy applications open 15 November 2017. The online application system open 30 November 2017.

Meeting the selection criteria will merely guarantee that you will be considered for the programme. It does NOT necessarily ensure you a place in the programme.
A selection committee will decide on the best-suited candidates for the programme. Successful candidates will be informed of their acceptance as soon as the selection process has been concluded. The decision of the selection committee is final.…/university-preparation-pr…/scimathus

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