A story of a Cancer SURVIVOR – Beverly Lindoor

When (what would be) a DEATH SENTENCE to some, this woman finds an oppurtunity to INCREASE her FAITH.

Beverley Lindoor (47) was born in Curry Street, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch. She has 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. They currently reside in “The Steps”, Cloetesville from where Beverly runs her hair dressing salon.

Beverly has never had any formal training in hairdressing. She has a natural ability or as she proclaims; ‘sy steel met die oog’. Hairdressing is her passion and she started working for various hairdressing salons in Stellenbosch whereby she perfected her trade. For the past 12 years she’s been working from her home salon and has built up a large clientele.

During May 2016, Beverley discovered a lump in her beast. She had herself tested but thrice the tests showed negative results, but Beverley felt the lump growing and went back for more tests. She started to feel worried when she did not get feedback from the hospital for a period of two months, as she could feel the lump growing larger and larger. On further inquiries it was discovered that a negligent clerk never relayed her result s to her. Her cancer has since progressed to stage 2. Doctors fast forwarded her tests to make up for the lost time and she was given preference with all her scheduled tests. Her cancer had rapidly progressed to stage 4, the most advanced stage of breast cancer. Beverley was sure that only her belief in her creator brought her safely through this very dangerous stage of her treatment. She also believes that Dr Willemse, who was in charge of her chemotherapy treatment, helped a great deal by urging her to keep a positive attitude throughout her treatment.

On 14 February 2017, her breast tissue was removed, 17 July 2017, treatment was completed. On 26 July her final tests showed she was cancer free. Her final date for check-up will be 24 January 2018. Beverley believes that God is good and her faith has increased since the discovery of her illness.

Her message to other women: once you reach the age of 40 years, regularly test yourself for lumps in your breast. If you are experiencing hormonal changes, (the cause of Beverley’s lumps); if you are suffering from increased menstrual flowing; if you are required to stand for long hours a day; you should go for regular health updates. Following a healthy diet and detoxing regularly are also advised by Beverley.

She never believed that being diagnosed with cancer, was a death sentence. She knew she would be triumphant over her illness. She believes she has gone through this ordeal and has come out the other side a WINNER. Having had a positive mind-set helped her tremendously (and still does).

Although her daughter took over the running of her salon while she had treatment, her business took a dip. She is working again and can already see her loyal clients return to her salon. She is thankful towards them.

Her final words: Stay positive however devastating the news, there is always HOPE. Stay faithful and God will come through for you.

Beverley, thank you for encouraging others, CWE has much RESPECT for you!

Written for Cloetesville Women Empowerment by Carol Lakay https://www.facebook.com/cwestellenbosch/posts/1718393641802171

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